What is From Gaps to Caps?

FROM GAPS TO CAPS – short for ‘Risk Management Capability Based on Gaps Identification in the Baltic Sea Region’ – is a twenty-four month flagship project under the Policy Area Secure of the EU Strategy of the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The project is co-financed by DG ECHO and led by the Fire & Rescue Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.

Based on recommendations and results of its predecessor 14.3, FROM GAPS TO CAPS will further contribute to strengthening the macro-regional capacities for risk assessment and to establishing efficient crisis management schemes to cope with natural and man-made disasters in the BSR.

The project is split up in four tasks A, B, C, D. Find more detailed information on their work and people by clicking on the disks above.

Ten international partners contribute to a broad range of results. It is the aim to gather national expertise and best practice, so an overall perspective of the resources, capabilities and shortcomings can be established and lead to a joint approach on dealing with crisis.

The EU guidelines for Risk Management Capability Assessment serve as point of comparison and are being tested on real examples.